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  • Bluetooth® Mesh powered lighting controls and IOT

    GT Developments is a design and contract manufacturing company focusing on the supply of components to the OEM electronics and lighting industry. We offer turnkey solutions and support from product concept through to large-scale manufacture. 

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Bluetooth mesh was first adopted in July 2017 and provides a proven, interoperable network for commercial and industrial IOT solutions. Where traditional Bluetooth focused on low power operation Bluetooth mesh has a higher transmission power and can achieve distances up to 75 meters in high speed mode or over 1000 meters in long range mode.

Our Bluetooth mesh portfolio is 100% interoperable will all other certified Bluetooth Mesh hardware guaranteeing that you will never locked in with a single manufacturers 'proprietary' network.

Bluetooth mesh is a many to many, managed flood network. This topology is a self-forming network and you don't need to setup all the routing. It has options to configure nodes as relay (repeater) nodes, Proxy nodes (to connect GATT like smart phones), low power battery mode and the number of hops (repeats) of each network device. The ability to connect non-mesh devices via a proxy allows users to interface with all smart devices with a standard Bluetooth radio. The mesh network can also receive advertising data from these devices.

Each individual network can theoretically connect 32,767 nodes with 16,384 groups, 65,535 scenes and 4,096 subnets. The use of AES encryption is mandatory and cannot be disabled making mesh on of the most secure wireless options for IOT.


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Horticultural LED products are exclusively distributed by Horticulture systems. Products range from low power seedling propagation luminaires through to commercial solutions. Luminaires are available in standard, dimmable and Bluetooth Mesh controllable variations.

The inclusion on Bluetooth mesh into the luminaire forms an IOT ready Bluetooth mesh network throughout your facility. All other process control and measurement devices can then be added onto the wireless mesh network and all your temperature, EC, pH, and flow rate sensors can be fed either to a local controller or cloud interface via a gateway. This data can then directly control all you timers, pumps and fans. The ability to wirelessly interface all the components also allows you to move probes around. Software also allows you to create multiple virtual timers and eliminates the need for manual timers that lose their time of day when the power trips.